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II started this blog 12 years ago to keep family and friends up to date while my husband and I were living in Spain. I blogged a lot about travel - needlework classes I took on our trips or craft stores I searched out in the cities we visited - and just the day to day of life in Spain.

I kept up the blog after we came back to US and I continue to try out new needlework classes and techniques -usually when we have time for a trip. My love of needlework has increased to encompass a love of all textiles and a desire to know more about the historical roots of needlework techniques, fashion and textiles in general. In addition to my usual posts about what I’m making or where I’m traveling, I’m starting to blog a bit about my research into textile history. I may even share the occasional pattern!

During the time I was blogging and living in Spain, I met a group of like minded crafty ladies and we formed a group that met and worked on projects together. We shared techniques and gave each other advice on our individual projects, but more than anything we provided support and care for each other at a time when we were away from our friends and family in the US. I’ve found that same support with the online craft community as well. It’s what has kept me blogging and spending (a lot!) of time on other craft blogs. I love the sharing nature of the crafting community and look forward to exchanging ideas, offering support, and inspiring each other. Thanks for visiting!